Heat Proof, Drop Proof and Crack Proof; 2 piece design for easy cleaning, storage & travel and including a glass-on-glass downstem and pull-out, you'll never have to worry about breaking a water pipe again!

  • DURABLE SILICONE - BPA Free, Non Toxic 100% FDA Approved food grade silicone

  • GLASS BOWL & DIFFUSED DOWN STEM- High quality inset glass bowl and down stem seamlessly fit into silicone body

  • SUCTION CUP BASE - Unique concave base creates bump proof suction

We Carry Herbie's, Genie, and Huntz Hitz Acrylic water pipe, Price from as low as $20;  Size (8" inch; 10"; 12";14";15";18");  Color (Blue, Green, Red, Pink, Purple, Clear, Yellow, Forsted ...)