Cheech & Chong E juice available now

                                               CHEECH & CHONG PREMIUM E-JUICE

Cheech and Chong, have entered the e-liquid marketplace to provide high quality products through their World Piece brand. As one might expect, the goal of Cheech and Chong E-Liquids is to offer unique flavors and premium products that provide a top-shelf smoking experience. To begin, the company has rolled out six elite e-liquids that are as distinct as the legendary creators themselves: Dope Deal, Midnight Muchies,Shoot the MoonBlueberry HazeStrawberry Revival & Wake & Vape.

  1. SHOOT THE MOON 30ml- Fresh orange with rich citrus taste.
  2. BLUEBERRY HAZE 30mL- A combination of robust blueberries with pomegranate.
  3.  WAKE & VAPE 30mL- Sweetened rice cereal with fruit flavors.
  4. STRAWBERRY REVIVAL-  Bold strawberry flavor with a hint of custard.
  5. MIDNIGHT MUNCHIES- Macadamia nut cookies with white chocolate.
  6. CDOPE DEA- Chocolate with rich peanut butter.