ModusVapors(60ml); Coil Glaze(60ml); Cream Puff Factory(30ml)

ModusVapors(60ml) $32.99

  • Akuma- Akuma's luscious cream puff flavor is not like anything you've experienced before. The whipped vanilla filling coupled with light pastry notes leaves this masterpiece balanced better than a katana. Seriously; it's perfection.
  • Buzz- You could say Buzz has a flavor that's truly out of this world, since there's actually no such thing as a blue raspberry on earth, but this is exactly what we'd hope blue raspberries taste like if they happen to exist elsewhere in the galaxy. If you thought Molly was a perfect strawberry sour belt, Buzz is definitely a must-try.
  • Pablo - Pablo comes in swinging with the best damn pink lemonade flavor you'll ever try. This second stellar offering in the Modus line is a slightly sweet, slightly tart, refreshing and accurate perfect-for-an-all-day-vape e-juice that you just gotta try to believe.
  • Molly- Molly is the best damn strawberry sour belt on the market. Period. 

 Coil Glaze(60ml)

  • Honey Bunz-A delectable pastry infused with cinnamon sugar, topped with a honey glaze icing. This decadent vape will satisfy the sweetest sweet tooth. 80% VG;  60ML
  • Them Applez-A soft, freshly baked cobbler crust with gooey apple cinnamon filling, finished with a swirl of whipped cream.80% VG; 60 ml
  • Whipped Dreamz-A light and fluffy snack cake filled with a whipped strawberry cream, drizzled with strawberry syrup. 80% VG 60m

ream Puff Factory (30ML)

  • Blueberry-Indulge in a scrumptious Cream Puff with a fresh Blueberry filling.70% VG
  • Vanilla- Vape into the taste of a savory Vanilla filling, loaded into a deliciously soft Cream Puff. 70% VG
  • Banana- Take a bite of a delicious Cream Puff loaded with an irresistible Banana filling. 70% VG