Moku Oyatsu Premium ejuice 30ml for $22.99

Moku Oyatsu White Gummi Eliquid

Moku Oyatsu, also known as Moku eliquid, is one of the hottest e-liquids currently on the market. This candy flavored e-liquid isn’t just a quick fad, either. Moku White Gummi E-liquid is a carefully crafted white gummi bear flavored e-liquid. When you pick up a pack of Gummy bears, which flavor is the most distinct, yet sweet and succulent at the same time? It has to be the white gummy bear. From the moment you twist off the top of your Moku White Gummi e-liquid bottle, your nostrils will be filled with that all too familiar smell of white gummy bears. It is actually remarkable how well Moku Oyatsu was able to replicate the white gummy bear flavor. From the initial inhale to the final exhale, you will be blown away at just how accurate and delicious this white gummi Moku e-liquid actually is.

Moku Oyatsu Cuties

Moku Oyatsu Cuties is such a great flavor of mouth watering orange. Moku Oyatsu has done it again. They mastered the White Gummi flavor and now they’ve mastered two brand new flavors, Cuties and Bolt. Moku e-liquid does not mess around, when they make a flavor, they put a full blown effort into perfecting that flavor. They let their flavors speak for themselves, rather than try to use clever buzzwords in their flavor description.

Cuties by Moku Oyatsu is an orange flavor that will truly be the last orange flavor your ever try, because it is just that good. If you’ve ever tried a Cutie, the tiny oranges, then you can know what to expect with this flavor. The White Gummi flavor exactly matched a white gummy bear flavor and Cuties matches the tiny oranges perfectly. Not too tart, not too sweet, just the most perfect combination of sweet orange with a hint of a crisp refreshing orange aftertaste.