Premium E juice

ANML Unleashed Premium E-Juice (60ml; $36.99)

  • REAVER: This new tropical smoothie flavor will refresh your face off with bold strawberries and pineapples, fresh coconut, and indulgent cream.
  • GRIZZLY: Chocolate chip cookie with fresh milk
  • LOOPER: Fresh Milk Topped with Fruity Cereal
  • THRASER: a tart white peach flavor that's not too sweet for the peach side and infuses it with perfect creamy notes to replicate the candy's cream side.

Twelve Monkeys 100ml available (Kanzi;Macaraz;Mangabeys;O-Rangz;Matata)

iLLUSIONS PremiumE-Juice 100ml available (Taste of gods; Crimson; The Grail)

ModusVapors(60ml); Coil Glaze(60ml); Cream Puff Factory(30ml)

ModusVapors(60ml) $32.99

  • Akuma- Akuma's luscious cream puff flavor is not like anything you've experienced before. The whipped vanilla filling coupled with light pastry notes leaves this masterpiece balanced better than a katana. Seriously; it's perfection.
  • Buzz- You could say Buzz has a flavor that's truly out of this world, since there's actually no such thing as a blue raspberry on earth, but this is exactly what we'd hope blue raspberries taste like if they happen to exist elsewhere in the galaxy. If you thought Molly was a perfect strawberry sour belt, Buzz is definitely a must-try.
  • Pablo - Pablo comes in swinging with the best damn pink lemonade flavor you'll ever try. This second stellar offering in the Modus line is a slightly sweet, slightly tart, refreshing and accurate perfect-for-an-all-day-vape e-juice that you just gotta try to believe.
  • Molly- Molly is the best damn strawberry sour belt on the market. Period. 

 Coil Glaze(60ml)

  • Honey Bunz-A delectable pastry infused with cinnamon sugar, topped with a honey glaze icing. This decadent vape will satisfy the sweetest sweet tooth. 80% VG;  60ML
  • Them Applez-A soft, freshly baked cobbler crust with gooey apple cinnamon filling, finished with a swirl of whipped cream.80% VG; 60 ml
  • Whipped Dreamz-A light and fluffy snack cake filled with a whipped strawberry cream, drizzled with strawberry syrup. 80% VG 60m

ream Puff Factory (30ML)

  • Blueberry-Indulge in a scrumptious Cream Puff with a fresh Blueberry filling.70% VG
  • Vanilla- Vape into the taste of a savory Vanilla filling, loaded into a deliciously soft Cream Puff. 70% VG
  • Banana- Take a bite of a delicious Cream Puff loaded with an irresistible Banana filling. 70% VG

Premium E juice (Illusions;12 Monkey; Vapeshake;Cheech&Chong)


Juicy box apple from One Mad Hit & Mad Hatter

Ever wonder what would happen if your two favorite eliquid brands collaborated on a new flavor? Juice Box, that’s what! From the makers of One Hit Wonder and Mad Hatter Juice, get your taste buds ready for Juice Box, the best damn apple juice flavor you’ve ever tried! Each 180mL bottle of Juice Box comes with 2x 15mL unicorn bottles, a custom vinyl sticker and mad surprises inside, including a cash prize sweepstakes worth over $20,000!!! How ’bout them apples?


·         180ml bottle of Juice Box E-Juice

·         1 Yorker cap

·         Two 15ml Custom Designed Juice Box Unicorn Bottles

·         One Vinyl Juice Box 3″ x 3.5” Sticker

·         Mad Surprises inside!

·         70/30 VG/PG